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At Green View we believe an integrated approach to our work is the most flexible and effective way of helping clients, this allows us to draw on all our training and experience to tailor the therapy to each client as an individual. However here is some information about the main therapies we offer.

Person-Centred Counselling is a therapeutic approach which uses the core conditions of empathy, genuineness and unconditional positive regard to support the client. We use active listening and reflective techniques which is helpful for many individuals who are struggling with personal issues and need understanding and encouragement.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a solution-focussed approach which uses a variety of techniques to help clients challenge their negative thinking and unhelpful core beliefs and in turn change their behaviour. This approach can be particularly effective for phobias and anxieties, depression and eating disorders amongst others.

Couple Counselling uses a variety of ideas and skills to allow couples/individuals to explore problems or difficulties in their relationships. Even loving and positive relationships can experience turbulent times as the couple grow and change. This counselling offers non-judgmental guidance to allow both parties to engage in the process in a positive way.

Psycho-Sexual Therapy (PST ) is an understanding and solution-focussed approach to sexual difficulties for both couples and individuals. Clients may come to PST with a specific dysfunction – eg: erectile difficulty, retarded ejaculation, premature ejaculation, inorgasmia, dyspareunia amongst others – or they may simply have lowered libido, or 'gone off it'. These problems can be very distressing and difficult to discuss, and PST uses sensitivity and understanding to help the client move forward.

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